True Freedom Press is a press which promotes free speech and freedom of expression.  With the pervasiveness of censorship throughout the legacy media outlets, big tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and others, university campuses, work settings and even places of worship – true free thinkers are increasingly seeking alternative platforms and methods of communication. True Freedom Press offers an alternative to combat this Orwellian nightmare that has become so commonplace throughout western consciousness.

It is an avenue for conservatives, theists, and others to express their respective positions in an open and honest fashion without fear of being stifled by political correctness. Little do people know that political correctness is an oppressive tool to prevent dissenting views. The term itself originated with Leon Trotsky and was echoed by genocidal tyrants like Mao Tse-Tung.

True Freedom Press upholds a traditional understanding of tolerance, one which defends an individual’s right to hold a particular position and express it freely even if it offends others. To write freely is to have the ability to offend. The truth may offend at first, but it should be embraced for authentic living and expression.

The first publication under True Freedom Press was a satirical book written by Scott Ventureyra about the 2020 presidential candidate, Joseph Robinette Biden. It was published on October 21, 2020. A forthcoming edited volume on philosophy and culture is set to be published in the spring of 2021.